Built for Combat Sports

FightPicks is a fantasy sports site built just for combat sports.

We’re tired of playing on fantasy sports sites that use arbitrary scoring systems adopted from other sports. Why is a 1 significant strike worth 0.3 pts? What even is a significant strike?

When we devised FightPicks, we created a scoring system that matches how fight fans think of fights: winner, method, round.

“Conor is going to knock out Khabib in the first round.”

“Khabib is going to win by decision.”

When’s the last time you predicted a fighter to have 63 significant strikes and 3 reversals? Yeah… neither have we.

FightPicks Scoring System

Winner of Fight: 5pts

Method of Victory: 2pts

Round of Victory: 3pts

If you correctly pick winner, method and round for a given fight, you receive a 5pt bonus.

If a fight ends in a draw or disqualification, that fight will be scored as 0pts for all users.

So why is round worth more than method?

The way we see it, method can be easy to pick for some fighters. Derrick Lewis is looking to land bombs. Alexey Oleynik wants another Ezekiel choke. Round is less obvious, so we gave a bump to method.

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Future of FightPicks

First and foremost, we want your feedback. We’re MMA fans, just like you. We want to build a fun fantasy sports system for ourselves and fans just like us. So we want to hear your ideas! Here are a few we have right now:

  • Add Bellator, Rizin, and ONE events
  • Add boxing and major kickboxing events
  • Cash tournaments
  • Leagues
  • Track user stats across numerous events – ADDED!

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